'Sedulus Sed Tranquillis'

Or to translate Longmead's latin motto - 'Busy yet Serene'


This miniature live steam railway began its existence in May 1983, with the purchase of one blue liveried locomotive, one open service wagon, one lumber wagon and a length of track. From these humble beginnings has come a fully signalled, token block worked single line. Originally the line ran from Longmead to Carrour but in November 1994 this part of the line closed. A house move followed and the building of the present line to Longmead to Cherwell commenced in January 1995.

In the year 2000 a millenium project began. It was to link up the new line to Cherwell by a junction at Pug Halt (called Frogmead Junction) with the old track bed - and to further extend the line to North Tonbridge. This project was completed in August 2001 and formally opened by Peter Jones in October 2001.

The line is fully signalled with two working signal boxes and runs to a timetable and associated loco diagrams but is also available for free running for those visitors who simply want the pleasure of seeing their engines and stock running. The line is equipped to run in all weathers, has two working snowploughs and is operated by a mixture of steam IC battery locomotives, and occasionally fully prototypical working diesel locomotives.


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