Longmead Branch has a full signalling system including signalling bells and prototypical signals which means it is capable of being run in accordance with full BR signalling regulations.

The Longmead Signal Box and Single Line Block Token Instrument and all the point rodding was installed and connected up on 14th December 1996. From this day onwards the relevant operating rules for Single Block Line Token Block Working, as shown in SRAIL 1, were instituted. Semaphore shunt signals worked from this time and were used as running line signals until colour light signalling could be installed. SRAIL 1 was later replaced by SRAIL 2 and finally by SRAIL 6.

Color light signals were installed, together with their repeaters in the signal box during February and March 1997. Wiring was completed by the end of March, and after rigorous testing the colour light signalling was commissioned on 14th April 1997. The semaphore signals could then be reverted to shunt signals. The points at North Junction and South Junction previously worked by levers at their location, became worked by remote control via Bowden cables which were installed in June 2000. The points were recommissioned from that time. South Junction was decommissioned and removed in November 2001. The signal box was completely rewired in July 2008.

Frogmead Junction is a groundframe which controls the points leading from Pug Halt to North Tonbridge/Cherwell. Digging out & installing the Junction began on July 11th 2000. The main line from Longmead to North Tonbridge became reversibly worked from 14th September 2000 after the installation and commissioning of LD 14 down main home signal. LD 2 from the Cherwell Branch became the down branch home signal.

The line between Pug Halt and North Tonbridge became fully reversible and is worked under Single Line Block Regulations and is classified as the main line from Longmead to North Tonbridge via Pug Halt.

The line from Longmead to Pug Halt via Cherwell is also worked under Single Line Block Token Regulations, having its own seperate Block Instrument, located at Longmead Jn Signal Box with its own seperate token and is classified as the branch line from Longmead to Pug Halt via Cherwell.

SRAIL 5 then SRAIL 6 has now been issued, taking account of these changes and superseding previous issues.


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